Frequently Asked Questions

Can Magic Sport helps me make the custom sample?

Being satisfied with the samples before placing your order has always been Magic Sport’s insist on product quality. You’re always welcome to contact Magic Sport’s sales representative and we will spare no effort in supporting the entire process from your original product to commercialized commodity to provide you with the best compression sock products. Read more Custom Private Label Socks

I like the features of this pair of socks.

If you have a pair of textile crafts that you love very much or have many ideas in your mind waiting to be transformed into reality, we are willing to turn your dream into reality considering the fact that different brands always put different emphasis on their product functions. Since we have an attempt to create your one-and-only products, we are willing to help you analyze your dream product’s features, advantages, and disadvantages for your reference. All these are done to help you create the functional socks that best suit your brand features.

What is functional fiber?

Function fiber refers to specific properties different from ordinary fibers to meet particular needs, such as antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-ultraviolet radiation, far infrared, eco-friendly, and night glowing, etc.

How do measure the size correctly?

Choosing the right and appropriate compression socks can effectively decompress and relieve the fatigue in your feet, fully fit your leg shapes, and exert the most appropriate pressure on each part of your legs. You can get the most accurate measurements after you wake up but before you get off the bed each morning.

Ankle Circum.: Measuring the narrowest circumference of the ankle.
Calf Circum.: Measuring the widest circumference of the calf.
Thigh Circum.: Measuring the widest circumference of the thigh.

What guarantee can Magic Sport offer you?

Customized Manufacturing Process
All specifications can be tailored in accordance with your specific needs such as color, totem, and even budget.

Superb Textile Technology
With over 20 years of experience in textile manufacturing, we have excellent production efficiency and technological capacity to meet your needs.

Be Satisfied with the Samples Before Placing Your Order
Before putting your designs into mass production, you will receive a sample on which you may place an order, and after your confirmation, we will go into mass production. Additionally, you may also receive even more samples by making extra payments.